Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Social Security Checks?

President Obama released a statement today that there was no guarantee social security checks would be paid on Aug. 3.  This means that 27 million Americans may be without their social security money.  If that is not alarming, then I don't what is!  After that statement was released, Gold also soared to an all time high of $1,568 per ounce.  Is there a relationship between the two?  ABSOLUTELY!  Are economic times looking up?  It doesn't seem that way and THAT is why people are investing in precious metals.  Almost every analyst will agree that the dollar will not get any stronger for a while.  That means gold and silver prices will continue to rise through, at least, 2012.  We may not be sure about the strength of the US dollar but gold is gold and silver is silver...there is only a limited amount on Earth!

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