Thursday, July 7, 2011

Buying Gold vs Buying Silver...which is a better investment?

I often get the question: Should I buy gold or buy silver?  Which is a better investment?  The truth is that they are used for different reasons and I believe you should own both in your portfolio.  The smart investor will diversify their portfolio.  If you hold all your eggs in one basket than your risk increases greatly.  That's the reason I recommend having both.  Right now, silver is jumping all over the place (increased over 8% in the last week) and I believe a more aggressive precious metal.  Gold on the other hand is a safer investment.  Gold has proven to have a solid upward trend over the years.  Just like diversifying a stock portfolio with aggressive, moderate and conservative stocks; precious metals should be bought the same way.  It's important to set your investment goal and then purchase the correct amount of each precious metal based on that goal.

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