Monday, August 8, 2011

Gold is More Expensive Than Platinum?!?!?!

It seems like everyday we reach a new record high in Gold.  Today was an interesting new high as Gold prices reached and then continued to soar above the price of Platinum.  This jump in price came after Standard and Poors downgraded the US Credit Rating from "AAA" to "AA+"...Wow!  The Dow also fell over 634 points for the largest one-day decline since 2008.  We pretty much saw RED across the board today, except with precious metals.  I think it's time to really consider where your retirement money is.  I know mine is in precious metals and I highly recommend putting your IRAs and 401k into precious metals.  If not all of your retirement money, than at least a large chunk of it.  Obviously, the market agrees with me as prices and demand continue to increase!  My recommendation is to buy gold, silver and palladium...diversify within precious metals.

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  1. Gold price decreasing sharply. Current Gold Price is at $1587.18 per ounce.

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